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Paddock Rail Fencing

The Paddock Rail Fence is designed and developed by TECRAIL. It is a diverse fencing solution. It has a wide variety of uses which include fencing for equestrian arenas and paddocks and also fencing on private property.

The paddock fence comes in a 2 rail and 3 rail option. It is made from uPVC. The fencing is impact resistant and also has shock absorption, making it the ultimate fencing solution when compared with traditional wooden fencing options.


  • Safe and durable equestrian fencing solution.
  • Impact resistant with shock absorption – will not break, splinter or warp.
  • Easy Installation.
  • No maintenance required.


  • UV treated PVC, high resistance to impact.
  • Standard installation on concrete. Possibility of easier and cheaper installation with driven posts.



  • Rectangular post profile 130x110mm flat rail 107mmx58mm, posts and rail 4mm thickness

Donald McCain

“I have EASYFIX Walker Tiles in all my horse walkers. They are very hard wearing and a lot safer for horses. The surface extends the lifespan of shoes.”


Paul Nolan

“I have all of my horsewalkers done with EASYFIX tiles. Brilliant product and completely safe for horses”


Noel Meade

“I have my four horsewalkers installed with EASYFIX Tile. They provide a terrific surface, low maintenance and good value for money.”