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EASYFIX Racecourse Chase Fence Apron

The EASYFIX Chase Fence Apron is designed for use on racecourse steeplechase fences and it is customised for each racecourse.

The apron creates a uniform profile for all steeplechase fences and eliminates the use of organic materials. The high impact foam creates a cushioned surface to reduce impact injuries. The orange strip gives horses a better sightline. The 3D moulded birch recreates the typical look and feel of natural birch.



  • Safe – Creates a uniform profile for all steeplechase fences and eliminates the use of organic materials. Apron is supported by high impact cushioning foam. Protects horses from injury.
  • Easy to install and maintenance free.
  • Durable – constructed from artificial components which are strong, weatherproof and long lasting.


  • Constructed from artificial weatherproof components.
  • Apron is supported by high impact cushioning foam.
  • 3-D moulded birch.
  • Shatterproof plastic base.


  • Customised for each racecourse.


  • 5 year warranty, with a lifespan up to 20 years.

Davy Russell

“EASYFIX new Racecourse Fence Aprons are brilliant to get horses to jump better. They are also great to ride over, horses respect them and I’m convinced they reduce fallers.”

John Flanley

“Since Ballinrobe Racecourse installed the new aprons on our fences, it has saved us two working days per fixture, i.e. cutting and fixing greenery. It has also lowered the weight of our fences and they have received a very favourable reaction from the racing industry.“

Ballinrobe Racecourse

Michael Murphy

“Will have them a year in June 2015. Overall, I’m very happy. Horses have taken to them very well and jockeys are very complimentary of them. Very durable, was a bit worried how the plastic birch would work out but it has worked out very well and I’m very happy with them.”

Wexford Racecourse

John Maloney

“EASYFIX Fence Aprons are uniform in size and shape, providing great consistency which is important. They suit the horses and they respect them. They are a lot safer for both horse and rider. They require no maintenance which is a huge benefit.”

Galway Racecourse

Michael Finnerane

“We are very happy with the EASYFIX Chase Fence Aprons at Roscommon Racecourse. One big advantage is that they are cost effective labour wise. No maintenance being another big advantage. It’s great to have consistency on all our jumps.”

Chase Fence Aprons
Roscommon Racecourse