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EASYFIX Plastic Birch

EASYFIX Plastic Birch is designed for use on existing racecourse steeplechase fences. The 3D Plastic Birch is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethene) with a UV Stabiliser. The density of the 3D Birch can be customised to suit the requirements of each racecourse.



  • Maintenance Free – no annual rebuilding and upkeep costs.
  • Safety – protects horses from splinter injuries.
  • Easy installation – can be installed on all existing racecourse chasefences.
  • 3D Birch – recreates the natural look and feel of organic birch.


  • 3D Birch is manufactured from HDPE and recreates the feel of natural birch.
  • Available in brown to recreate the natural look of birch.
  • UV friendly material.
  • The height can be customised to the requirements of each racecourse.


  • 5 Year Warranty