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EASYFIX Horse Walker Tiles

EASYFIX Horse Walker Tiles are specifically designed for use in Horse Walkers. They feature a high grip, robust and durable walking surface, which ensures horses walk with confidence and experience excellent foothold. The stud profile underneath provides excellent shock absorption which reduces pressure and stress on horses joints and tendons.


  • Superior grip – the high grip surface creates a confident walking surface with excellent foothold.
  • Reduce costs – Extends the lifespan for shoes.
  • Shock absorption – the rubber stud profile on the underside absorbs shock, reducing stress on joints and tendons.
  • Low maintenance – easy to clean and wash.
  • Easy installation – No glue or fixings required.
  • Made from natural rubber.
  • Interlocking tiles ensure tiles remain secure.


  • Width: 390mm
  • Length: 390mm
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Weight: 4kg


  • 5 years

Donald McCain

“I have EASYFIX Walker Tiles in all my horse walkers. They are very hard wearing and a lot safer for horses. The surface extends the lifespan of shoes.”


Paul Nolan

“I have all of my horsewalkers done with EASYFIX tiles. Brilliant product and completely safe for horses”


Noel Meade

“I have my four horsewalkers installed with EASYFIX Tile. They provide a terrific surface, low maintenance and good value for money.”