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Hurdles & Fences

Our world-renowned EASYFIX Equine Hurdles & Fences were designed in-house and are extremely durable, easy to install and maintenance-free. They were designed with the safety of jockeys and horses in mind. Constructed from artificial components, they are strong, weatherproof and long-lasting. The 3-D Birch is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethene) which is designed to prevent splinter cuts and injuries to horses.


Rubber Matting Solutions 

EASYFIX Equine Rubber Matting Solutions are recognised as the best quality & highest performing products in the marketplace. They provide a complete solution for many of the world’s leading horse breeders, owners and trainers. The portfolio includes our Horse Walker System, Deluxe Stable Matting System, Walkway Matting, WetPour and Rubber Paving Solutions. Manufactured from the highest quality rubber, the extensive range provides a comfortable and safe environment for horses. Our wide range of rubber matting solutions are designed for stables, horse walkers, parade rings, wash areas, walkways and courtyards. Manufactured from the highest quality natural rubber, our products provide a safe and comfortable environment for horses.

Our Mission Statement

EASYFIX Equine is dedicated to providing solution led systems, that ensure an extremely comfortable and safe environment for your horse.

We are committed to remaining the world’s no.1 provider of equine matting solutions, fences & hurdles. We understand the importance of comfort & safety for your horses and we endeavour to excel in meeting the expectations of our customers!


Research & Development

We are committed to providing our customers with the best performing and highest quality products on the market. In order to meet our customers expectations we believe that ongoing research & development is vital. R & D is undertaken by our in-house product development team in order to ensure that our products meet our vigorous standards. We are continuously innovating and striving towards excellence which is why we are trusted and recommended by many of the world’s leading jockeys, show jumpers, eventers, dressage riders and racing trainers.

Over the last 20 years, we have worked with leading bodies within the equine industry to develop an extensive range of fences, hurdles & rubber matting solutions.

Our extensive range of products are designed in-house and manufactured from the highest quality materials. They are undoubtedly the most innovative and best performing in the marketplace.

Our equine range has been designed especially for trainers, owners, racecourses and schooling grounds. Safety & Comfort of both horse and rider is our number one priority in the design of all our products. 

We are committed to providing our customers with the best performing and highest quality products and to excel in meeting their expectations.

Michael Earls

Managing Director 


Donald McCain

“I have EASYFIX Walker Tiles in all my horse walkers. They are very hard wearing and a lot safer for horses. The surface extends the lifespan of shoes.”


Paul Nolan

I have all of my horsewalkers done with EASYFIX tiles. Brilliant product and completely safe for horses”


Noel Meade

“I have my four horsewalkers installed with EASYFIX Tile. They provide a terrific surface, low maintenance and good value for money.”


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